Summit begins Sep 20, 1pm ET

Presentations Include...

  • Infidelity: Crisis and Repair with Ellyn Bader, PhD
  • The Crisis In Masculinity: How to Engage, Understand, and Transform Male Clients with Terry Real, LMFT
  • Dropping "the Story": Mindfully Addressing Relationship Challenges through the Lens of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy with Bonnie Goldstein, PhD
  • We Do: Saying Yes to a Relationship of Depth, True Connection and Enduring Love with Stan Tatkin, PsyD
  • Hygge, Hugs, and High Tech—Holding Onto Your Soul in Cyberspace with Pat Love, EdD
  • How Elements of Partnership Solve Relationship Hazards with Alison Armstrong

Hosted by Diane Poole Heller, PhD 

Diane is an established expert in the field of Adult Attachment Theory and Models, trauma resolution, and integrative healing techniques. She is a trainer, presenter, and speaker offering workshops, teleseminars and educational materials on Trauma, Attachment Models and their dynamics in childhood and adult relationships, as well as many other topics. She has lectured and taught around the world as both a Somatic Experiencing trainer and Special topics presenter, most recently with her very popular DARe (Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning Experience) series on Adult Attachment.